Google trend stock market

Google trend stock market

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Researchers led by Tobias Preis at Warwick Business School analysed data from Google Trends from to They looked at the volume of searches for 98 terms, such as "metals", "stock", "finance", "forex", "house", "unemployment" and "health" as well as non-specific or neutral words, such as "ring", "train", kitchen" and "fun".

They then constructed a virtual portfolio of investment in the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA , with a strategy based on search volumes that occurred on Sundays. If the search volume that day was high compared with a week earlier, the DJIA investment was systematically sold at the closing price the following day, and then repurchased at the end of the first day of trading in the week after.

Conversely, if the search volume on Sunday was low compared with the previous week, the researchers "bought" the following day. Fearful expressions help pin-point danger.

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Google searches can predict stock markets, study finds - Telegraph

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Predicting the Stock Market – Google Trends Style -

Using the keyword "debt" - the term that saw the most fluctuation during the study period - the strategy netted a whopping cyber-profit of pc over seven years. By comparison, a strategy of buy-and-hold - purchasing in and selling in - would have yielded only 16pc profit, equal to the rise in the DJIA during this time. A third strategy, of buying or selling on the basis of movements in the Dow itself, would have netted a gain of 33pc.

The paper, published in the journal Scientific Reports , suggests that search requests are a potential indicator of intent about investment decisions. When a mass of people seek information about a particular subject on a Sunday, this is a sign of worry and boosts the likelihood that they will ditch stock when the market opens on the Monday, it argues.

Google Trends Could Predict Stock Market Moves, Study Shows - MIT Technology Review

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Using Google Trends to Predict Stock Market Returns

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Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Wednesday 21 June Google searches can predict stock markets, study finds Google Trends, a tool that looks at patterns of searches on the Internet, is a potential money-spinner for investors as it provides hints of impending stock movements, a study has revealed. The biggest companies in the world in The Big Short hits UK cinemas: These are the most valuable start-ups in the world.

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google trend stock market

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google trend stock market

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google trend stock market

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