How to earn a lot of money as a teenager

How to earn a lot of money as a teenager

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With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Mow lawnsShovel snowDo basic See Step 4 for kits. This means that you If none of the first 3 ideas appealed to you or they did and you just want all of your bases covered you can open up an Online Now lets get started. First, wait until your city has a As you have probably guessed by now the best way to make money other than hard labor is selling things, The last four steps have been selling or You like riding your bicycle.

If you love working on cars Now, there is lots of money to be made in computers. Fixing them accounts for a lot of that. Teach people to draw. Teach people to play music. This is an expansion on step Expect to talk to DIY Money Wheel by bakedicecream. Quick and Easy - Office Safe by AT. Let your inbox help you discover our best projects, classes, and contests. Instructables will help you learn how to make anything! Internet of Things Class. Sell Kits Make an Online Store If none of the first 3 ideas appealed to you or they did and you just want all of your bases covered you can open up an Online Non-Electrical As you have probably guessed by now the best way to make money other than hard labor is selling things, The last four steps have been selling or Fix Computers Now, there is lots of money to be made in computers.

Tutoring This is an expansion on step You can turn literally any skill you have into a good money-making opportunity: D This instructable shows you some of the ways you can make good money without loosing your sanity with a repetitive boring job, we will be adding to this over time so remember to check back for updates and new money-making ideas. You get a free penny when you sign up and can play games to keep doubling your money. This is made possible because you have to watch a short advertisement before each game.

There are two ways to register for Moola. You can go to their site and register. This is the most basic way to sign up. The second way to sign up is asking a current member to send you an invitation. If you do this both you and the person that referred you get a 32 cent bonus. As of right now there are 3 games to play to increase your money. Your goal is to lock in farther and with more lives than your opponent. Ro-Sham-Bo Fu Picture 3 This game is a big shiny flash version of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

There are a set amount of points at stake for each battle and your goal is to finish with more than your opponent. Gold Rush The site describes this game as A 2-player game of strategy, in which the most clever bidder goes home with the Gold!

First player to reach 32 points will be declared the winner. Bonuses And Strategies One bonus Moola. Every several games you get to spin the bonus wheel to get extra money, no strings attached. There are also betting strategies on Moola. One betting strategy is found here, at http: It gives recommendations on how long to play on each level of Moola and when to cash out. With a little work and clever betting you can make a lot of money using Moola. If you want to join Moola via invitation, you can leave a comment or PM me, Gjdj3 about it.

You can make a lot of money without soliciting other people to join. Sell Gadgets to Your Friends. This means that you have one of the easiest ways to make money You can use your maker skills to build cool things cheaply, and turn a profit selling the things you make.

There are some gadgets that are very easy to do this with The iPod Charger Think about it. Nearly everyone these days has some device that charges from a USB port. It might be a cell phone, an MP3 player, or even something else altogether. Bottom line, people have a lot of gadgets that burn through a lot of juice. They need to charge their devices. You can make your own very cheaply to sell to people.

The best part is, you can make a very large profit by showing them how much they would pay for a commercial charger. To make a 9V charger you only need a few parts and most of these are easily scrounged from old electronics. One of the simpler designs for a 9V charger is here. It lists the parts and shows you how to make it. Why should they limit themselves to charging their iPod when they can buy one of your custom cables and charge their phone too? Making these cables is easy. You just need the two cables that you want to splice together.

3 Ways to Make Money As a Teen Girl - wikiHow

There are three ways to go about getting these. Get the cables from your friend. Buy the cables and splice them together. You can go out to your local Best buy, then the Verizon store and get an iPod cable, then a phone cable. Then you splice them together and sell it for twice the price.

Buy a specialty cable preassembled. You can get a preassembled specialty cable from my store. To get to these wires you need to cut the cables in half and strip away a bit of the outer insulation. Then either put electrical tape around it to seal it off and put it back together, or else use heat shrink tubing. By doing stuff like this you can make a lot of money easily.

Sell Kits Make an Online Store. If none of the first 3 ideas appealed to you or they did and you just want all of your bases covered you can open up an Online store to sell kits.

For an example of this you can check out my store. This is really one of the easier options. My store is a good general example of things to sell. You can sell kits, assembled gadgets, or a combination of thing.

This is very simple and really there are only a few more things to add. The gadgets you sell must be your own.

Brenn10 has had some problems with people trying to sell the same exact kit he is. Have a PayPal account. This makes it easier and safer, therefore making it more likely for people to buy from you.

Individual neighborhoods will have these too sometimes. Go around and buy all the good cheap video games you can find. As you have probably guessed by now the best way to make money other than hard labor is selling things, The last four steps have been selling or making electronics but these are not the only things you can sell.

A Birdhouse , You could easily get the wood and a hammer and some nails, then cut the panels of the birdhouse and nail them together. Now comes the fun part. Ask around and tell people that you are selling customized birdhouses.

You will get more money because it is customized. You could go even further than a colour-scheme and add a bird feeder or water bowl to the side! Here are the instructions for a Simple Birdhouse One great way to customize a birdhouse is to give it a custom finish by gluing cool looking rocks all over the surface. It looks really nice.

A Stick-Pencil This is a very easy and cheap project you can do and then sell to anyone. The Stick-Pencil consists of surprisingly a stick from a bush and a regular pencil. What you basically do is cut a stick out of the bush, drill a hole in the middle, open the pencil and put the graphite from the pencil into the stick, forming a novelty pencil you can sell to anyone who writes.

This method could be very popular at the start of a term when peoples stationary needs naming. And Now It Gets Weird. Even if it has no money potential. With a flyer, a phone number and your bike you can make this a job. It is easy with any flyer campaign to get swamped. Just get some paper or open up Excel and schedule. Leave yourself free time.

How Teens Can Make Money - Youth Jobs

Give one to each house. Try to avoid scotch tape. Also avoid putting it in their mailbox. Tucked between the mailbox and their siding if their box is on the house next to the door can retain your flyer but avoid pissing off hte Post Office. Riding a poorly maintained bicycle can be difficult and potentially dangerous.

But who has time to fuss over it? An oil change is as easy as jacking up a car, putting it on stands, and loosening a bolt. This is another job that you can canvas fliers for, but I find door-to-door with a business card is far better. But for some reason, people hate oil changes. People hate to go to the mechanic and leave their car with a stranger. More often than not, the mechanic does nothing to put them at ease. To them, he is a greasy slime ball to be avoided, even if that means going to the dentist instead.

This gives you, mein entrepreneur, an opportunity. Do it in their driveway. They can watch from the comfort of their living room.

For a small fee, of course. If you have an interest and ability in basic auto mechanics, a bicycle and a backpack or saddlebags, you have everything you really need.

There are instructables about changing oil. Ideally, you should ask them how many miles the car has. Explain how much extra that will cost. If they want Diamond Shamrock house brand from the gas station down the street, say "Okay. Be responsible and use a socket set. A socket wrench will be easier to use anyway. Did your wife ever let you borrow the "nice Cool Whip set" again? Do not dump used oil.

It can be recycled at any auto parts store. You can wait till you have twelve gallons the have your parents drive you. Bring a plastic garbage bag. Put greasy things in there. If you spill any oil, get it off the engine. Lay out paper towels uner the oil pan before you get wrenching.

Surgical gloves are a good idea. They are cheap and will eliminate that "greasy mechanic look" which your clients will find off-putting. The jack stands are mandatory. Be a good person. Do your work well. These apply to any job you could possibly attempt. I can show you a little troubleshooting you can do to fix most viruses.

Just use that to shut down the computer. That should fix it. If it has a virus, just run a virus scanner. The only problem you may have is that it takes one of those things around 4 hours to do its job. But still, they work. For everything else, you can always try searching instructables for one on computers.

I mean, how would you like it if some kid came into your house, tried to fix your computer, failed and then asked for his pay? Then get around using the arrow keys and tab to move around. Someitmes you need to hit enter to select something. Pressing the backspace not "delete" key will take you back one.

If the computer is completely frozen, hit the power button on the front of the case. On older computers it is an actual switch, but on new ones it is just a "suggestion. Generally you want to "boot in safe mode," then go about the rest of your troubleshooting. CD drives can burn out, parts can break, and for any number of reasons, they can get stuck. There is a small hole in the front of each one.

In event of catastrophic failure, if you need to get a CD out, straighten out a paperclip and stick it in the hole. Feel for a clasp by gently pushing until something clicks. The drive will come open, and you can get the disc. Plug it back in and let it get done waking up. Try the internet again. Open the browser login window, right click, properties, and select a different number.

Other times the window itself will have a dropdown list of numbers. Try a different number till it works. To defrag a hard drive, make sure the person knows that the computer will be unusable for several hours. Files load much faster on a defragged drive. Go to "My Computer," right click "Drive C: Turn off their screen to save power. Tell them that when that hapens, turn the screen on. If it says "finished defragging," close that window.

You can also offer to customize computers. You can set up a dual boot, install Linux, or make their XP look like OS X. There are a lot of great instructables to show you how to do these. Most of the time it will tell you at the bottom of the starting screen. If not you can just google the name of the computer to find what key it is.

One important tool for anyone wanting to fix computers is the bootable Linux Sytem Rescue CD. It has great tools for fixing your system like GParted and other tools of the sort. To get it to boot, just go to the BIOS screen and set CD to the top of the boot order. Sell Moded Nerf Guns. Most mods are easy. Remove the air restrictors. Replace the barrel Maybe. You can find more in depth instructions using a google search.

The best gun to mod is the NERF Nitefinder. If you do everything right it should shoot around 80 feet. Also, you can always sell homemade nerf darts.

DSman keep in mind that a clear coat of paint will always make the value go up, nobody likes the stock colors blue and yellow and orange or recently black, yellow, and orange. Teach People to Do Stuff.

Teach people to dance. Whatever you can speak authoritatively on. There is good hourly money in this.

14 Ways Teenage Entrepreneurs Can Make Money

Put up a flyer on the school bulletin board. Same with speed metal, or any other any other genre. Big instruments like drums or piano should already be at their house bring your own sticks , but something like guitar or sax is something you should bring for yourself. Offering the first lesson free is a good way to bring people in. Keep a spreadsheet, whatever you do. Expect to talk to the appropriate teacher to see if you can get some extra credit in their class for tutoring in that subject.

Industrial arts teachers are generally less likely to give extra credit than other teachers, and might not let you do after school shop. Of course, if your shop teacher does have an after school shop time, then find out who is struggling in that class and offer to help them.

But enough for a Big Mac is reasonable. Or maybe have them bring a Big Mac to tutoring.

+ Ways To Make Money As A Kid

That would be fair. Use common sense, and be a good person. This includes refrigerators, washers, and pianos. A lot of people will hire a couple of high school-age boys to help them move things. Of course, there are no "fixed hours," unlike being a stock boy down at the warehouse. Especially when going up and down stairs. This instructable will be added to and updated as we think of more ideas and get new collaborators so if you like it favorite it and check back for updates: For more info go to: These above methods are really helpful and anyone can make a lot of money following these methods.

Thank you for share this informative content with us. You can visit my blog to get more free and legitimate money making methods for teenagers. I just decided to start earn money online, my choice is online casinos.

I will be thankful for all your recommends. The first way was similar and done online. It was in I received a little money. Not a whole lot. I tried it mailing it manually as well. That was in But I have tried something recently that works for teens looking for a free way to make money. Earn while you learn. Sweet deal Check it out.

I talked it over with my family, an attorney, and my friends, and they all agreed it was some sort of scam. Not just a little , I mean big bucks! At first only a few hundred dollars, then a week later, a couple of thousand , then BOOM. It came from all over the world. And every bit of it perfectly legal and on the up and up.

Do I know these folks? No, but when I read how they say they did it, it made sense to me. Mail to the following five addresses: This way, 5 becomes 4 and so on. Put your name in as the fifth one on the list.

There are at least newsgroups at any given moment in time. Try posting to as many newsgroups as you can. Remember the more groups you post to, the more people will see your article and send you cash!

Remember, the internet is new and huge. There is no way you can lose. You must follow through and repost this article everywhere you can think of. The more postings you make, the more cash ends up in your mailbox. Pretty simple sounding stuff, huh? But believe me, it works.

But please print this article and pass it along to someone you know who really needs the money, and see what happens. If you want to know how to make money from online. A lot of the best marketer started in their teens.

how to earn a lot of money as a teenager

Never thought about selling them. What a great idea! You could also walk dogs, or house sit for some one who is not home for a little bit. Its perfectly legal for that. Like bills mysteriously being "lost" in the mail lol. Wow, excuse me, but, are your mailmen stupid? Biggest issue with Canada Post is sometimes having to give a letter to a neighbour, Would like an invite please.

I loved it, thank you!

It is very informative. Also people who are interested in to discover other alternative ways can see http: Make easy and legit cash! How old do you have to be to sign up for moola and how do you get payed? Another way is to leave the pc turned on making money for you: I found another way to make money. It one of those sites where you can play games and download offers and do surveys to earn points. I have made like dollars on it so far and people have made quite lot.

I think you teens will like it. I am not saying your gonna be a millionaire , but give it a go. Is the metacafe thing real? Cashcrate has many types of offers that you can complete for money.

There is an entire section of absolutely free offers. This means you fill out surveys and get paid. If you can collect quite a few referrals, that can turn into some excellent income from others doing work! This is why Cash crate is the best GPT site. Your earning potential is unlimited. What about mining bitcoins? Check us out a www.

Hey guys, i found some great ways to make money as a teen, just check out my videos on my blog http: Can u loose money playing this game if u loose? HOW TEENS CAN MAKE MONEY EASILY IN THE STOCK MARKET! This is a good way earn real money online for free! Go to my site and it will redirect you to the money making site! If you want some info you can go read about my trials and errors at my blog www. Large companies will pay you for your opinion.

All you have to do is to answer questions. That is not a joke. You can do that. The site I recommend you is: About This Instructable 1,, views favorites. Newsletter Let your inbox help you discover our best projects, classes, and contests. About Us Who We Are Advertise Contact Jobs Help. Resources For Teachers Residency Program Gift Premium Account Forums Answers Sitemap.

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