What to make with old cashmere sweaters

What to make with old cashmere sweaters

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If you have a few that are too worn or no longer fit, you can repurpose them into all kinds of useful or pretty things.

Here is a bunch of clever and crafty ideas you can try, many have you felting the wool first which is easy enough to do by washing in hot water most projects include detailed instructions for felting. A few of these projects are found in other collections here on Tipnut but copied here to keep things organized in one spot.

Instead of hot glue, sweaters are cut to fit then sewn so they can slip over the bottle easy to remove and wash. Felt an old sweater to make this hat which is still stretchy even when felted.

what to make with old cashmere sweaters

Felted wool sweaters whip up nicely when does best buy restock an easy tote. What to make with old cashmere sweaters with a fabric flower if you like.

Recycled Cashmere: Designs by Cathy Wade

Made with felted wool sweaters, both written and video instructions provided. See lots of pincushions on this page.

Sweaters | Gap®

Simple slippers made with a wool sweater, top edge is finished with crochet trim. More slipper tutorials found here. Fit sweater cuffs over a glass candle holder for a pretty, decorative effect.

11 Ways to Upcycle Old Sweaters | DIY

A little pouch cozy to carry a pack of tissues, made with a piece of felted wool. This is made by crocheting strips of old sweaters together then shaped into a bed that puppy can cozy into. The arm of a felted sweater is removed to be filled what to make with old cashmere sweaters uncooked rice and tea, ends sewn closed.

How To Make Mitten and Hat Set from an Old Sweater : DIY

Cover vases and candle votive holders with fabric cut from old sweaters hot glued in place. Made with two old wool sweaters that have been felted, grosgrain ribbon and a decorative button.

More tea cozies listed on this page. Flower Pillow Form Cover: Repurpose an old sweater to make this charming flower pillow cover round. Measure planters and flower pots to make a custom fitted cozy out of old sweaters.

A long rectangle is cut from the body of a sweater, edges finished then ends sewn together, buttons added for embellishment. Cut from an old sweater vest and turned into a charming coat for pup. Also see Learn How To Felt Wool Sweaters.

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